Covid-19 Office Protocol

Below is a thorough explanation of all steps being taken to ensure best practices in our Marshfield and Plymouth offices.


This is a tricky one since acupuncture is a hands on therapy. However, there are many things we can do to reduce our contact.

  1. 15 minutes will be added between appointments, not only for time to sanitize, but to limit the number of people in the hallway at one time.
  2. Masks are required for both patient and practitioner. Masks must be worn properly over the nose and mouth 100% of the time.
  3. Conversation will be limited to the amount of time it takes for the treatment itself. I will be leaving the room promptly once needles are in and you are comfortable.
  4. Each patient must attend their appointment alone.
  5. Please wait in your car for a text from me to let you know to come into the office.


  1. Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be available for all patients. Please sanitize hands upon office entry.
  2. A True HEPA air filter has been added to the treatment room.
  3. Practitioner will wash and sanitize hands before,during and after each treatment.  Gloves will be disposed of after each patient
  4. All needles are sterile and disposable and are discarded after each use. Guide tubes will be new for each patient. All tools such as cups and guasha spoons will be sanitized with EPA approved cleaner or bleach, and then washed with soap and water.
  5. All high contact surfaces will be sanitized with EPA approved cleaner between all patients. Surfaces include: massage table and face cradle, counter, patient seating, stool, door knobs. High touch surfaces in the bathroom and the handrails will also be sanitized multiple times per shift, however, please be aware that there is another practitioner in the suite and she or her clients may also be touching these surfaces.
  6. Professionally laundered sheets will be used and changed after each patient.


  1. Shift hours are reduced to a 6 hour period, treating one patient at a time with just 5 appointments per shift. 
  2. Patients will wait in their car until texted to enter.  Patients will be greeted at the top of the stairs (Marshfield) or inside the door to the hallway (Plymouth), where their temperature will be taken with a non-touch forehead thermometer. If fever is present, you will be asked to exit.  Re-scheduling can be done for 14 days after fever and any other symptom is gone, regardless of a negative Covid test.  Patients may re-schedule sooner only if symptom free, and only after having had  a second Covid test that that confirms a negative result. We understand many people with Covid-19 do not exhibit fever and so even if no fever is present, universal precautions will be used in the office at all times.
  3. Consultations during initial visits will be conducted over the phone before entering for treatment.
  4. No-contact payment will be practiced. For now, acceptable payment for service is cash or Venmo only. Cards and checks may also be used if purchasing a package of 5 , or if using a flexible spending account.  Card payments will be read by the card holder to avoid swiping, and the non-signature option will be used.  (in the near future, on-line payment will become available).
  5. Scheduling and re-scheduling can be made through the new on-line booking process as of July 13th.

Thank you so much for your compliance. For everyone’s safety, please be courteous and forgo treatment if you think you pose any risk to others whatsoever either from possible or known exposure, or symptoms. I treat several elders and immuno-compromised patients that make this especially important.  I want to be part of the solution for ending this pandemic while continuing to be open for treatment.  I also sincerely hope these steps will put you at ease during your treatment knowing that I have put in place all possible precautions.