Covid-19 Office Protocol

Below is a thorough explanation of all steps being taken to ensure best practices in our Marshfield and Plymouth offices.

  1. 15 minutes have been added between appointments, to allow extra time for sanitizing surfaces and filtering the air.
  2. Masks are required for both patient and practitioner even though both may be fully vaccinated. This is a healthcare setting and we are following the recommendations of the governor and the CDC.  Please keep in mind that we treat immune compromised patients who are at higher risk of contagious infection whether it be covid, a cold virus, or the flu.
  3. Please wait in your car for a text from me to let you know to come into the office.


  1. Hand washing and hand sanitizer will be available for all patients. Please sanitize hands upon office entry.
  2. A True HEPA air filter has been added to the treatment room.
  3. Practitioner will wash and sanitize hands before,during and after each treatment.  Gloves will be disposed of after each patient
  4. All needles are sterile and disposable and are discarded after each use. Guide tubes will be new for each patient. All tools such as cups and guasha spoons will be sanitized with EPA approved cleaner or bleach, and then washed with soap and water.
  5. All high contact surfaces will be sanitized with EPA approved cleaner between all patients. Surfaces include: face cradle, counter, patient seating, stool, door knobs. High touch surfaces in the bathroom and the handrails will also be sanitized multiple times per shift, however, please be aware that there is another practitioner in the suite and she or her clients may also be touching these surfaces.
  6. Professionally laundered sheets are used and changed after each patient

Thank you so much for your compliance. For everyone’s safety, please be courteous and forgo treatment if you think you pose any risk to others whatsoever either from possible or known exposure, or symptoms. I treat several elders and immuno-compromised patients that makes this especially important.  I also hope these steps will put you at ease during your treatment knowing that I am still following guidelines for a low risk environment.