Discover The Benefits of Microneedling

YIN Acupuncture is pleased to offer state-of-the-art microneedling treatments to patients. All sessions are performed by licensed acupuncturist, Jennifer Wilczenski. Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a highly effective, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure utilized in anti-aging regimens for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, large pore reduction and an increase in skin elasticity. It is also suited for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, discoloration and more. In Massachusetts, Microneedling may only be performed by Doctors, Nurses and Acupuncturists.

We would love to help you access the benefits of Microneedling. Please review the information below and reach out with questions or to schedule your first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

Microneedling is a treatment using a small machine called a microneedling pen. This pen uses a detachable tip of 12 tiny sterile needles that make microscopic punctures through the epidermis to the dermis. These punctures trigger a healing response that produces collagen and elastin. Another name for microneedling is collagen induction therapy.

Nano-needling is a technique using the microneedle pen with a different attachment. Instead of using a head with 12 needles, the nano attachment has 81 fine silicone tips that are pyramid shaped.  As the machine oscillates increadibly fast, the nano “needles” are able to create channels in the epidermis that allow the applied products to absorb up to 97% more effectively.  The results of nano-needling is that it also mildly stimulates collagen and elastin, minimizes pores, smooths skin texture, and gives a dewy glow. There is no downtime post nano-treatment and can be done as often as weekly.

Since Microneedling  induces collagen with a wound healing effect, it may be your preference to do a series of treatments for deeper lines, acne scars or uneven skin texture and tone.  from the very first treatment, subtle improvements may be seen/felt even in the days following your first visit. This is only the beginning of a progressive process.  Once the treatment has been performed, there is a short period of 24-48 hours where you may experience sunburn like redness and sensitivity, and will need to adhere to using only recommended, simple products, and avoid your usual cleansing and moisturizing and routine. Sun exposure, foundation makeup, and use of any retinoids should be avoided for several days. In fact, during the first 2 weeks of healing, my recommendation is to let your skin heal and stop using anything that causes strong cell turn over.

Nano-needling is for everyone. There is zero downtime because there is no wound created. Even if you have deeper lines or scars, the improvement your skin will see with nano-needling will be awesome. You will see and feel the texture of your skin change after a series of treatments, which can be done as close together as weekly. In fact, it is recommended to do several weekly or every other week treatments in a row, and then switch to maintenance from there.  If  you are getting married or have a special occasion to attend, this is THE perfect treatment to do one or 2 days before. Your moisturizer will absorb incredibly and your makeup will  glide on like you’ve always wanted it to. It is my personal favorite.

Lastly, depending on your goals, you can alternate doing a series of micro and nano-needling treatments!

There are many cosmetic benefits of Microneedling. Patients who undergo a full course of treatment can expect to see noticeably more glowy, smoother, tighter skin, pore reduction, a dramatic decrease of fine lines, a reduction in wrinkles and an overall more healthy, youthful complexion. Similarly, those with stretch marks, discoloration and scaring can achieve a significant reduction in the appearance of those conditions with microneedling.

In addition to the prevention and reduction of wrinkles and general cosmetic benefits (glowy, more youthful looking skin), Microneedling can be used to treat more problematic skin conditions and can reduce scar tissue, treat stretch marks,as well as discoloration of the skin caused by sun damage/age spots and melasma.

Microneedling is an effective treatment for reducing lines on the skin because of the collagen and elastin building effect, however, it does not rid your skin of lines like Botox will. Some people will choose Microneedling as the next best thing if they are not interested in injections, and some people will combine the two treatments. Microneedling is about the quality of the skin. Without preventing muscle movement, it instead stimulates the muscles of the face releasing the tension that holds lines in place. It gives your skin beautiful texture and a glow that injections do not. Some people who do have Botox or similar injections,  add Micro or Nano-needling into their skin care routine. Basically these treatments have different jobs that only slightly overlap in results.

Whether you choose to be treated at our Plymouth or Marshfield office, your experience at Yin Acupuncture will offer you an experience built around your comfort and relaxation.  Many people say their treatments are the one time that they get to let go, relax, and leave the demands of the outside world behind.

During your first visit, we will discuss your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve them.

A lot of spas will add new gimmicks to upsell their treatments, but most of what they offer is unnecessary or illusory. The part of the treatment that does most of the effective work is the high quality microneedle tool that creates micro-punctures to stimulate your own body’s wound healing effect by producing collagen and elastin.  The technique needs to be thorough, using high quality organic products.  The treatment starts with a gentle face cleanse using an organic “milk” cleanser. During the needling we use hyaluronic acid with  a touch of vegetable glycerin for glide and hydration. This is followed by a cooling rinse, a fresh layer of hyaluronic acid, and a skin soothing facial massage using an amazing custom face oil blend to ensure deep hydration and proper healing.

To schedule your first Microneedling Session or to learn more, please Text Jennifer at 781.249.2069


About Jennifer

Jennifer Wilczenski is a licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine/Committee on Acupuncture. She holds a Master’s Degree of Acupuncture, is Board Certified by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.