Discover The Benefits of Microneedling

YIN Acupuncture is pleased to offer state-of-the-art microneedling treatments to patients in both our Marshfield and Plymouth offices. All sessions are performed by licensed acupuncturist, Jennifer Wilczenski. Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is highly effective, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure utilized in anti-aging regimens for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, large pore reduction and an increase in skin elasticity. It is also suited for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, discoloration and more. In Massachusetts, Microneedling may only be performed by Doctors, Nurses and Acupuncturists.

We would love to help you access the benefits of Microneedling. Please review the information below and reach out with questions or to schedule your first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

Microneedling is a treatment using a small machine called a microneedling pen. This pen uses a detachable tip of 12 tiny sterile needles that make microscopic punctures through the epidermis to the dermis. These punctures trigger a healing response that produces collagen and elastin. Another name for microneedling is collagen induction therapy.

There are many cosmetic benefits of Microneedling. Patients who undergo a full course of treatment can expect to see noticeably more glowy, smoother, tighter skin, pore reduction, a dramatic decrease of fine lines, a reduction in wrinkles and an overall more healthy, youthful complexion. Similarly, those with stretch marks, discoloration and scaring can achieve a significant reduction in the appearance of those conditions with microneedling.

In addition to the prevention and reduction of wrinkles and general cosmetic benefits (glowy, more youthful looking skin), Microneedling can be used to treat more problematic skin conditions and can reduce scar tissue, treat stretch marks as well as discoloration of the skin caused by sun damage/age spots and melasma.

Many people seek out chemical or injection based treatments in pursuit of a more youthful appearance. While these chemical approaches  sometimes yield a less than natural looking result, Botox™ and similar chemical treatments have generally shown to be safe and effective. Microneedling is a far more natural approach that uses your body’s own, natural response to achieve the desired results.

Whether you choose to be treated at our Plymouth or Marshfield office, your experience at Yin Acupuncture will offer you a spa-like experience built around your comfort and relaxation. Our treatment rooms are well appointed and nicely-lit with soft, soothing music playing in the background. Many people say their treatments are the one time that they get to let go, relax and leave the demands of the outside world behind.

During your first visit, we will discuss your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve them.

With your permission, Jennifer will take a photo before each session so you will be able to measure improvements at the end of your course of treatment.

As you get comfortable on the heated treatment table, Jennifer will  prepare the sterile microneedles that will be used during your treatment. She will also hand-blend a custom botanical serum based on your specific skin type and suited to your cosmetic goals. Your personal serum (made from the highest quality ingredients including select Chinese herbs and even vegan apple stem cells) will enhance the production of collagen along with microneedling. You will be able to take the remaining personal serum home with you after treatment to re-apply during aftercare.

You will continue to relax as Jennifer performs microneedling on the treatment area(s). After microneedling, a gentle cleansing and final application of your custom serum will bring the treatment session to a close. Jennifer will discuss the aftercare steps you should take over the next 24 hours to optimize the benefits of treatment (avoiding direct prolonged sunlight, refraining from washing with soap or applying make-up, re-applying your custom serum etc.)

Whenever you’re ready, you may get up, feeling refreshed and renewed and go out to enjoy the rest of your day!

As with most things in life,  the guiding principle of microneedling is ‘the earlier the better’.

Most people begin to notice an increase in fine lines and wrinkles as they approach or enter their thirties making this is a very common time to begin.

Of course, those in their forties, fifties and beyond who are looking to reduce the already visible effects of aging make up the largest segment of patients.

But even those in their early to mid  twenties can take a proactive approach and utilize Microneedling preventatively as well.

Whatever your age, the collagen inducing effects of microneedling will bring noticeable benefits.

Since Microneedling begins inducing collagen from the very first treatment, subtle improvements may be seen/felt even in the days following your first visit. This is only the beginning of a progressive process. Many patients do report noticeable improvement after healing from their second treatment, but the full benefits will become evident at the end of your full course treatment, which is typically once per month for 6 months.

We will take a photo during your first visit and at the beginning of each successive appointment to create a chronological series of  ‘before and after’ photos showing your improvement.

The amount of microneedling sessions required for a desired effect varies depending on age, skin features and goals.  If someone is in their 20s looking to stay ahead of the game, 4 monthly sessions would be recommended.  Most others will experience optimum benefit after a course of 6 sessions. (Once per month for 6 months). Those with significant scarring or deep lines may require up to 8 treatments (Once per month for 8 months) to achieve the maximum results.

After completing your individual course of treatment, it is recommended that you have 2-3 maintenance sessions per year. While not required, these treatments will give your skin a boost and help to maintain the results you have achieved.

We are happy to provide you with information and pricing for a recommended personalized course of treatment. Please complete this brief questionnaire to tell us more about your specific goals.


If you have questions or would rather chat by voice, please text Jennifer at 781-269-2069 and she will connect back with you to arrange a convenient time for a call.

To schedule your first Microneedling Session or to learn more, please Text Jennifer at 781.249.2069


About Jennifer

Jennifer Wilczenski is a licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine/Committee on Acupuncture. She holds a Master’s Degree of Acupuncture, is Board Certified by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.